Friday, February 19, 2010

World's oldest Sunday newspaper, The Observer redesigns

The Observer, the world's oldest Sunday newspaper, is relaunching this weekend and, with it is a wholly new design and a new arts section called The New Review, designed by the paper's creative director Carolyn Roberts. A preliminary look shows that the Berliner format hybrid (newspaper/magazine) has considerable charm. 

You can look at a funny promo video for the relaunch, read the editor John Mulholland on the re-launch and see a video of the paper's writers talking about what the paper means to them.  

Looked at from the perspective of Canada, which doesn't offer a true Sunday quality newspaper, it makes me pine a little for the opportunity. And it is interesting that, far from panicking in the face of the oft-professed but unproven claims of the death of print, the Guardian Media Group is resolutely investing in the future. 


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