Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Print Measurement Bureau topline results,
spring 2010

[This post has been updated]The spring Print Measurement Bureau data has been published. Here are the top 10 Canadian magazines by total readership and by readers-per-copy (RPC):
Top 10 English magazines by readership ('000s)
Reader's Digest 6,360
Canadian Living 3,979
Chatelaine 3,562
People 3,542
what's cooking 3,541
Canadian Geographic 3,412
CAA Magazine 2,386
Maclean's 2,370
Canadian House & Home 2,363
Food & Drink 2,205
Canadian Health & Lifestyle 2,176

Top 10 English magazines by RPC 
Canadian Health 33.7
The Hockey News Magazine 23.2
People 21.1
Outdoor Canada 16.3
Canadian Geographic 16.2
Canadian Business 12.8
FASHION Magazine 12.5
Canadian Gardening 12.4
Elle Canada 11.9
British Columbia Magazine 11.6

Top 10 French magazines by readership
qu'est-ce qui mijote    1,372
Coup de pouce    1,229
Touring (Fre & Eng)     1,113
Sélection du Reader's Digest    1,013
Châtelaine (Fr)        951
7 Jours        916
L'actualité        831
Elle Québec       764
Les Idées de ma maison       682
Clin d'oeil       660

Top 10 French magazines by RPC
Dernière Heure 16.6
Le Lundi 16.2
Rénovation Bricolage 15.5
Star Inc. 11.6
Star Système 10.9
Summum 10.4
7 Jours 9.7
Les Idées de ma maison 9.6
Tout Simplement Clodine 9.3
Clin d'oeil 8.9
[Update] "I think it is a good news report," PMB president Steve Ferley told Marketing magazine. "The readership data are stable and you can't run away from that."

The readers-per-copy average of 4.82 compares with 4.8 in the fall, while average time a respondent spent reading a magazine was 42.1 minutes, compared with 41.3 minutes in the fall of 2009 and 40 minutes in 2006.

"Readers per copy is flat and time spent reading might even be ticking upward slightly," said Ferley of the relative stability for magazine publishers. "In a world where everybody is concerned about fragmentation [of media] this is what is happening."



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