Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The New Republic tries to push subscribers up the value chain with sub bundles

Whether subscribers buy in and allow themselves to be pushed up the value chain remains to be seen, but The New Republic magazine has unveiled its own particular version of tiered pricing, including an "all you can eat" top tier called TNR Society, which works out to $2.25 an issue. This according to a posting by Audience Development.
  • $29.97 for digital only access and full access to the website
  • "Home Delivery" which includes the digital edition, full web access and a mailed printed edition, for $39.97
  • TNR Society, which includes a print magazine, full access to the website and access to 95 years of archive content, plus special newsletter subscriptions and invitations to events.
 The magazine says that the first level has about 10,000 subscribers. A substantial portion of the website will remain open, though some online and print content of the venerable liberal magazine will be put behind a paywall.
For now, it’s mostly the long-form and analytical pieces that run in print, along with similar content that’s online-only. “Our long-form journalism is the product of intensive reporting and extensive editing, an incredible investment of time and resources,” said editor Frank Foer in a statement. “When it appears in print, we put a price tag on it—and we’re committed to doing the same online.”

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