Monday, June 28, 2010

Big U.S. advertiser Unilever intends to greatly increase digital adspend

The tight smiles of print magazine publishers these days, especially in the mainstream lifestyle and women's service areas, is partly accounted for by the pressing need to keep pace with developments in the digital advertising world. 
The trend is highlighted by one of the U.S.'s largest advertisers, Unilever, announcing that it plans to greatly increase its spending in digital media in the coming year. According to a story in Ad Age, chief marketing officer Keith Weed said the company intends eventually to make its digital presence proportionate to the amount of time people are spending on digital media.
"I think you need to fish where the fish are," he said. He pointed out that in the U.S. people are spending 25% of their time on some sort of digital engagement and he expected to be spending in the 20% range.
Unilever spent only 4% of its $864 million ad budget last year on internet advertising (double the year before). It's a long way from 20%, but the trend is relentless. 
Rival Procter and Gamble doubled its internet spending last year to $100 million and says its global digital spending is about 10% of its marketing budget, the story said.  

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