Thursday, June 03, 2010

Up Here inflight distribution deal with Canadian North airline ends

Canadian North airlines says it intends to replace seat-pocket copies of Yellowknife-based Up Here magazine with its own publication. The airline reportedly told the magazine's publishers early in March. The story went public this week when reported on the CBC.
The end of the partnership involves about 5,000 copies of each issue of Up Here (perhaps 7,000 in a double issue) or about 16% of the magazine's circulated copies. Airline distribution to many of the visitors to the north was a selling point for  the popular magazine. Looked at on the bright side, however, the end of the relationship will free up some back-page real estate -- since every issue had an OBC Canadian North ad as part of the deal.
It's not clear what Up Here will do now, though they are exploring airport distribution, thereby getting access to customers on the ground rather than in the air. There are also some other airlines in the north, such as First Air, which publishes its own in-flight magazine called Above & Beyond. (Like Canadian North, First Air is also predominantly aboriginal-owned.)
Sources say Canadian North was said to be annoyed about some reporting in the companion business magazine, Up Here Business; but when  interviewed by the CBC, they said the change was being made because they felt they could best represent their own brand needs with their own magazine. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck with that cdn north. airline as mag publisher. um, sure. oh, and you could have had canada's magazine of the year as your inflight book. tools.

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