Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hip KINGWEST magazine launched to celebrate lifestyle of Toronto neighbourhood

A new lifestyle magazine calledKINGWEST was launched on June 30. Its founder is developer Peter Freed and its creative director is Clayton Budd, one of the founders of 64th and Queen, a boutique interior and design agency.
According to one of those "snaps of the hip and beautiful at parties" online spreads in the Globe and Mail, the magazine will celebrate  the King West neighbourhood particularly, with its restaurants, nightlife and architecture.
Not much is known about the magazine, its frequency or rates; its website is said to be under construction.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hate to spoil the party, but if you look at how many successful magazines had parties to launch them vs. the number of mags that didn't you might find the following to be true:

The size, stature or actual event (ie having a launch party) in no way reflects whether you'll still be publishing in three years...or even three months.

But I am sure the food and drink were great!

9:25 am  

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