Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montreal's SNAP! magazine celebrates paper, printing and publishing

SNAP! magazine is Montreal's free and independent arts and lifestyle magazine and its current quarterly issue (no. 11) is all about paper and, in its own way is an exultant promotion of print publishing. 
For instance, it celebrates the wide variety of independent magazines produced in Montreal in the past year and the love of magazines by a variety of contributors and the future of newspapers. It has some occasionally weird and generally wonderful fashion-related shoots, with a paper theme, and profiles of people working in various ways with paper, including a woman who makes "couture pinatas", someone who makes street posters, others who do screen prints, letterpress printing, bookbinding and so on. 
Something that takes as its theme the threat of the digital to the world of print, is a revelation about how vibrant and alive print is in all its manifestations.
(The Montreal SNAP! should not to be confused in any way with the Snap chain of franchised, free photographic papers in Ontario).



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