Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quote, unquote: On not being afraid of your shovel

The fear that traditional media is so shrouded in about digital media is misplaced. It is absolutely ridiculous. To me, it's like a farmer being afraid of his shovel. It's a tool. The Internet is an amazingly powerful piece of equipment for creative people to use. As long as traditional publishers are afraid of it, their lunch is going to be continuously eaten by younger, more creative people. I'm not younger, but I'm creative. Believe me, I can create a very powerful print company -- and augment and expand it digitally. But you have to do more than just replicate your print pages.
The opportunity also exists for people who do purely Internet media, without the need to do a print component. Digital doesn't need print. Print needs digital in the same way that once color was available, publishers had to use it.
--  Bob Guccione Jr., in an interview about the new restaurant magazine called Viaggio (published by super chef Mario Batali and his business partner Joe Bastianich) [from MediaDailyNews]



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