Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Totem lands contract to publish 2x a year magazine for U.S. insurer Geico

Totem Communications Group, the Toronto-based custom publisher (formerly Redwood), has been chosen to launch a twice-a-year magazine called GEICO Direct on behalf of the U.S. auto insurance company. The magazine and companion website will reach more than 7.5 million GEICO policyholders.
Totem was responsible for tweaking the design and editorial of the spring/summer issue of the magazine and now takes over responsibility for it. According to a release on the Totem website:
Readers will be entertained by a look at the drive-in movie theatre, a summer stalwart that's making a comeback as a magical family entertainment option. The magazine also helps readers find the best summer road-trip burgers, the country's biggest gathering of twins, and hidden treasures with just a GPS device and a little sense of adventure.

"We welcome this exceptional new partnership and the opportunity to build on the heritage of both the GEICO Direct program and the GEICO brand," says Totem SVP Business Development Joseph Barbieri.



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