Monday, September 13, 2010

Cynthia's baby elephant

The late Cynthia Brouse's friends and colleagues on the faculty of the Chang School for Continuing Education at Ryerson have chipped in -- at the instigation of Doug O'Neill, the executive editor of Canadian Living magazine -- to help foster an orphan elephant at the Sheldrick elephant orphanage outside Nairobi, Kenya, in Cynthia's name. As Doug has said,
[In 2009] I fostered a baby elephant in Cynthia's name (translation: buckets of formula) and for another friend who was struggling with breast cancer at the same time.  When I told Cynthia she was absolutely tickled. In her words, if I recall them correctly, "I've always wanted children/offspring -- I just didn't anticipate it would include a baby elephant."
Shown above is Shukuru, the first baby fostered in Cynthia's name. 
By the way, it was a full house at Cynthia's memorial service in Toronto on Saturday.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a groovy tribute to Cynthia!

3:38 pm  

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