Thursday, September 30, 2010

"We're sorry that we're not sorry": Rogers Publishing management to Quebec

A very brief press release from Rogers Publishing came as close to an apology to Quebec as is possible without gainsaying the refusal of its editorial team at Maclean's to say it was sorry for its most recent cover story. To wit:
"The cover of this issue and the feature story clearly offended some readers, and this has been the subject of much debate," said Brian Segal, President, Rogers Publishing. "As a company we own a broad range of media properties across the country and editorial independence is an important cornerstone of our management philosophy. While challenging at times, this means we do not interfere with the editorial direction or content of our media properties in any way."

"On behalf of the company, we sincerely regret any offence that the cover may have caused. We value all of our customers and their perspective. Quebec is an important market for the company and we look forward to participating in the dynamic growth of the province and its citizens."
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