Tuesday, October 19, 2010

116 million single copies can't be wrong -- CMC forum to present CTC CEO on newsstand trends

The Circulation Marketing Association of Canada (CMC) is presenting a forum, led by Glenn Morgan, the CEO of Coast to Coast Newsstand Services Partnership on Monday, November 1 at the Spoke Club, 2:30 to 4:30. It is part of an almost full day of events; the forum will be followed by the CMC annual social starting at 5 p.m., punctuated by the presentation of the Canadian Newsstand Awards, jointly produced by the CMC and Masthead, starting at 5:45. 
"Glenn promises an open ended and challenging session specifically tailored to include something for everyone whose job involves the newsstand circulation side of the business," says a notice about the forum. 
"A special highlight will be Glenn giving a much-needed update on the major category trends (the hot titles versus the not so hot) that make up the current Canadian "newsstand sales" landscape!"
Cost to CMC members for the forum and social is $49, $59 to non-members. More information.

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