Friday, October 29, 2010

Quote, unquote: All hands on deck to push the Blue Jays, says Rogers Media boss

"One of the areas will be on, where we will have a far larger Toronto Blue Jays presence. The Jays also have 81 dates for us to communicate some of our other brands. So not only will we utilize everything from The Shopping Channel, the FAN 590, Sportsnet to even some of our publication divisions to grow and build the Blue Jays brand, vice versa, the Blue Jays will be utilized as a great resource to build the brands.It comes down to complete integration across all our platforms and all our different brands."
-- New Rogers Media supremo Keith Pelley, explaining why you may see more about the Blue Jays on Rogers TV, online and even in its print products. He told the Canadian Press that starting in January the Jays "will have significantly more presence in the marketplace through the Rogers brand than ever before."



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