Monday, October 04, 2010

New York Times takes an interest in the fallout from Maclean's cover story about Quebec

Bringing up the rear somewhat on the story about Maclean's dissing Quebec as "the most corrupt province" is no less than the New York Times. Its Media Decoder blog reported that the statement of regret from Rogers Publishing president Brian Segal was insufficient for Quebec premier Jean Charest:
“He didn’t ask Rogers for regrets,” [M. Charest's press secretary Hugo] D’Amours said. “He asked Maclean’s for an apology.”
The column also pointed out that the critics of Maclean's cover story came from some unlikely quarters:
Among them was Carole Beaulieu, the editor of L’Actualité, a general interest magazine based in Montreal, which, like Maclean’s, is owned by Rogers Communications. She, among others, faulted Maclean’s for not providing any comparisons between Quebec and other provinces.



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