Saturday, October 02, 2010

Parsing the difference between old and new media

Blogger, teacher, former NPR ombudsman, former managing editor of CBC Radio News Geoff Dvorkin was recently preparing some notes for a media class he is teaching at the University of Toronto and came up with his definition of the differences between old and new media:
Old media
  • Defined by scarcity.
  • Production defined by the tools.
  • Production only happens in buildings.
  • Expertise has value because it is limited.
  • Social relations inside the organizations are highly defined.
New media
  • defined by abundance
  • post-industrial and non-material.
  • Production is defined by the product.
  • Production is collaborative, not hierarchical.
  • Expertise is based in diversity.
  • Social relations are in constant flux.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

He forgot two...

Old Media: profitable
New Media: bankrupt

9:59 am  

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