Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paul Rockett, magazine fashion photography trendsetter, dies at the age of 90

Paul Rockett, a magazine and portrait photographer who changed the face of fashion and magazine photography across North America, has died in Vancouver at the age of 90. According to a story carried by the Canadian Press, Rockett brought a European sensibility to his fashion shoots, capturing models in motion and with naturalistic lighting and attitude. Toronto Life at one time dubbed him "Canadian photography's only star" with the exception of Yosuf Karsh.
He started as an office boy in the darkroom of the Toronto Star, went on to be a photographer for the Royal Canadian Air Force and eventually shot more than 100 magazine covers. However he is perhaps best known for his series of Glenn Gould portraits, now on display in the National Gallery. He also took many photos of national and international celebrities.
Photo: Elliott Contemporary

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