Sunday, October 03, 2010

Quote, unquote: The separatist's narrative
made me do it

“Many of us had problems with the motion,” a thoughtful Conservative MP said, feeling that it “attacked freedom of the press and free speech.Ultimately, we went along for one reason. It was a separatist trap that would feed their narrative. That said many didn’t care for the cover image or the fact that they didn’t clarify that it isn’t Quebec that they are stating is corrupt, it’s their political system.All in all, it was a sad thing that happened in Parliament, not to mention when they sought unanimous consent one courageous Quebecker objected [Independent MP Andre Arthur] and then the Bloc sneakily resubmitted what should have been out of order and passed it.” 
-- The Globe and Mail quoting an unidentified MP who felt cornered, as did many of his fellows,by the motion in the House of Commons last week condemning Maclean's magazine for its "most corrupt province " cover story.



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