Friday, November 19, 2010

British online literary magazine Five Dials launches a push-button edition in Quebec

Julie Doucet illustration from the issue
The British online literary magazine Five Dials is launching an edition in Quebec tomorrow. A posting on The Walrus's blog about the event includes a Q & A with the editor, Craig Taylor, a Canadian. An archive of back issues of the magazine are freely available online.
“On the 20th of November we’ll be launching a special Quebec-themed edition of the magazine in Montreal," [Taylor told blogger Jeet Heer.] "We’ll have a laptop at the party and some lucky Quebecker will press the button and send the issue — which features Gil Courtemanche, Leonard Cohen, Julie Doucet, Maddie Thien, Rawi Hage, Oscar Wilde, Alain de Botton, Raymond Chandler, and a lot of translated Quebecois writing.”
The magazine is published by book publishers Hamish Hamilton and seems to come out whenever Taylor can manage it. It is sent as a free pdf to about 15,000 people who have signed up to its mailing list. 

If you're in Montreal, the launch is at la Maison des Ecrivains, 3492 Avenue Laval starting at 7 p.m. Maybe you can be the one to push the button.


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