Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magazine guy by day, lounge singer by night; Terry Sellwood makes his debut

Terry Sellwood
Magazine people can be multi-talented (in fact they undoubtedly need to be) and nowhere is that more evident than the decision by Quarto Communications general manager Terry Sellwood to sign on for a regular Thursday night gig as a guitarist and singer at a north Toronto restaurant called BaKa
Terry manages a four-title magazine and media shop at Quarto (Cottage Life, Explore, Canadian Home Workshop, Outdoor Canada magazines) and associated consumer shows.
Bill Kaluski
BaKa itself is an expression of life after magazines and the fulfilment business for its owner Bill Kaluski, who many will remember as the boss of Indas, later rebranded CDS Global. Bill's retirement project after he left CDS Global in 2008 is now being the genial host of this intimate two-level restaurant. The second floor is a lounge bar and that's where Sellwood is going to hold forth, starting Thursday, November 18.
"Some of you will have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed Terry's skill with guitar and keyboard.  For those of you who have not you are in for a treat," says Kaluski. 
The restaurant is at 1959 Avenue Road. Contact information: or by phone at 416-483-9818. Reservations are recommended if you're going to combine dinner with seeing and hearing Terry at his night job.



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