Monday, November 01, 2010

Redpoint Media launches Apple magazine for Alberta Health Services

Red Point Media Group and Alberta Health Services have launched their new custom health and wellness magazine,Apple, across the province this week. The 52-page, bimonthly magazine is being distributed at some 1,500+ locations in more than 110 towns and cities across the province. Total circulation is 120,000 and a web version of the magazine is at
The free magazine is supported by advertising and sponsorship. Alberta Blue Cross is a founding sponsor. The editorial content is partly aimed at promoting healthy, balanced lifetsyles.  
"Some of the biggest health concerns in Alberta (such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and many injuries) can be prevented with simple, everyday healthy lifestyle choices. The magazine help readers learn about those choices," the AHS says in a release.
The other part of the content promotes AHS, the provincial health authority, and its work -- coverage includes new and renovated facilities, new and existing programs, services and medical/research innovations and profiles of staff and physicians. Alberta Health Services is responsible for planning and delivering health supports and services to more than 3.7 million adults and children living in Alberta. 
The publication is one outcome of a reorganization of health services in Alberta. Where once there were two health services regions, north and south (essentially centred on Edmonton and Calgary) these have been collapsed into one, province wide. Where once there were two magazines serving those regions, there is now to be one. 
Redpoint had discontinued its own title Apple, serving the Calgary Health Region, pending the reorganization. Competitor Venture Publishing of Edmonton discontinued its Your Health, custom published on behalf of Capital Health, at about the same time.  Redpoint was chosen to produce the province-wide title.



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