Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toronto Star story is not same as our story, Maclean's protests

For some reason, Maclean's magazine last night took the highly unusual step of issuing a press release headed "Maclean's issues clarification" and dissociating one of the articles in its universities ranking issue from a Toronto Star story about the article. Here is the press release, in full; make of it what you will:
TORONTO, Nov. 10 /CNW/ - The Toronto Star today published a story, in print and online, about an article that appears in Maclean's 20th anniversary university rankings issue (arriving on newsstands starting tomorrow). Online, the story appeared under the headline "Asian students being forced into university: Maclean's."

Without judgment of the validity of the Toronto Star's report, Maclean's would like to clarify that the subject of its own feature is not the same as the Star's. The Maclean's article discusses issues of racial balance at Ivy League schools and asks whether the same issues are relevant on Canadian campuses today. The subject of the Star's story is whether or not Asian parents are "pushing" their students into university.



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