Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two royal wedding commemoratives rushed out by Rogers Publishing

Depending on your degree of interest in the royals, you'll think it is good news or bad new that Rogers Publishing is hitting Canadians with a double-whammy of hefty newsstand issues about the forthcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Maclean's is putting a 132-page, perfect-bound commemorative issue on the newsstands today, priced at $6.95. It will be staff written with special guest writers including John Fraser, Leah McLaren and Karen von Hahn. The news release says
It's a romantic, good-news story, though not without the tragic undertones of Diana's fraught marriage and her untimely death under the glare of insatiable media attention. William's and Kate's marriage, scheduled for spring or summer next year, is Britain and the world's new hope for a happy ending.
  • The couple: How they met and the hearts they broke; The long eight-year courtship; The ring.
  • The families: The royals and the Middletons. The unpredictable brother, Harry; and Remembering Diana.
  • The wedding :Everything from bets on the dress to the music (and the colour of the Queen's hat on the big day). Plus, a sneak peak at the Canadians who are most likely to make the invitation short list.
  • The history: A10-page photo album of previous royal weddings. And the five Queen Catherines before Kate. (Not one of them had it easy.)
  • The future: The houses, the jewels and the glass coach for her wedding day (seriously) versus the job: the charity grind, the public appearances, the pressure to produce an heir and the endless scrutiny.
Hello! Canada has come out with a 132-page, perfect-bound special collector's edition, retailing for $9.95. Here's what's inside:
  • Prince William: We look back on the extraordinary life of the man who will rule with Kate by his side
  • Kate Middleton: With insights into Kate's childhood, we reveal how the outgoing girl from an unassuming background grew up to win the heart of a prince
  • William and Kate's love story: From the moment they met to becoming college sweethearts and then soulmates, we tell their epic tale of true love
  • Prince Charles and Diana: Remembering the last "wedding of the century"
  • Kenyan paradise: An exclusive peek inside the place where William proposed to Kate (and the note they wrote afterwards)
  • Royal love nests: Where the newlyweds will lay their heads
  • Bridal Jewels: a trove of historic gems that Kate may wear on her wedding day
  • Here comes the bride: Designers share sketches of the gowns the bride might choose for her big day
  • Kate's look: From casual chic to gala glamour, her style will be copied around the world 
Royalty junkies of the world, this is only the beginning...



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Within hours of the news last Tuesday, TV Week magazine was redesigned, printed and on the newsstand Thursday with an increased newsstand draw.

Scott Wheatley

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