Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advertising Standards Council advertises that truth in advertising matters

The Advertising Standards Council is launching a new advertising campaign of its own to drive home the message that truth in advertising matters. The multi-media, national public service campaign is called "Truth in Advertising Matters".According to an ASC release
Developed by Cossette in Toronto, the multi‐media attention grabbing advertising campaign takes a tongue‐in‐cheek approach, presenting a variety of situations that have been purposely exaggerated or distorted, and then makes the point that “Dressing it up doesn’t make it true.” The advertising ends with the ASC’s theme line: “Truth in Advertising Matters.”
“We all know that maintaining consumer confidence in advertising is essential. That’s why Advertising Standards Canada exists. Truth in advertising is equally important to the advertising industry and the public,” says ASC President and CEO Linda Nagel. “Cossette did a great job in finding a way to deliver this message with a dramatic flair. Like all good advertising, it’s designed to stand out and drive our message home.”
Print ads use highly stylized and boldly painted illustrations and a 30‐second TV spot uses an awkward moment between a teenager and her dad to make the point.

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