Monday, December 06, 2010

Golden opportunity with C magazine launch of its "Money" issue

C Magazine launches its “Money” issue on Wednesday in Toronto with an issue containing an artist project by Abbas Akhavan called what is above is as that which is below…. He  has hand-inserted a sheet of imitation gold leaf in the centrefold of each of 2,200 copies of the magazine and there are 25 special limited edition magazines with real gold leaf, signed and numbered by the artist. They sell for $50 a copy. The gold leaf (imitation and the real thing) overlays a low-resolution pornographic image taken from the Internet and an image of a gold mine.
"With continued handling the gold leaf deteriorates, leaving a shimmering gold nugget where the sheet has been affixed to the magazine. The inside back cover image, titled and… presents the text “what is below is as that which is above” gilded onto a gallery wall in real gold leaf and licked off by the artist. Conjoining the centerfold image, the gilded text circles back to the title of the centerfold, creating an endless loop that evokes, alternately, physical transcendence and bodily abjection. An article by Marina Roy, titled Holy Shit, accompanies the artist project," says the magazine in a release.
Regular issues will be available at the launch for $5 a copy or free with a subscription. Christmas gift subscriptions are $15.The launch is  Wednesday December 8 from 7 -10 p.m. at the Beaver, 1192 Queen Street West.

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