Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bad sex contest promotes launch of new, online Winnipeg literary magazine

Since Winnipegers seem to have spread out all over Canada, there should be excellent source material from coast to coast for a competition called Bad Sex in Winnipeg from a new online literary magazine that is sure to get it some attention. 
The Winnipeg Review is looking for examples of bad sex writing from Winnipeg authors. The recently launched quarterly, which is updated weekly, is published by indie publisher Enfield & Wizenty, and edited by Maurice Mierau, associate editor there, whose first "editor's rant" sets out an ambitious agenda to print mostly, but not exclusively, book reviews.
The contest ends by Valentine's Day and the winner gets a gift card and, we presume, fleeting fame.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see real, revenue-generating potential for this sort of marketing genius at Macleans. Not to self: Send query to Ken, emphasize revenue angle. Maybe one to Stackhouse, too.

9:42 pm  

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