Thursday, January 06, 2011

Quote, unquote: 2011 the year for investing and understanding magazine reader behaviour

While it’s a fool’s game to predict the future of media or the date-certain demise of certain products or platforms, I feel confident making at least two predictions for 2011:
  1. Media companies will devote sizable amounts of time and thinking around restructuring organizations, improving the workflow efficiency, training our current staff, and creating new digital roles. 
  2. Since media companies don’t have enough insight into how consumers are using and/or want to use these connected devices to consume content, we will launch research projects, define new metrics and KPIs, and invest in tracking technologies to get a much deeper understanding of consumer behavior that will drive more informed product and business decisions.
--  M. Scott Havens, vice president of digital strategy & operations, Atlantic Media Company, writing in a guest post on the emedia vitals.(Atlantic Media has recently announced its first profit in many years.)



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