Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buy whole issue or individual articles, it's your choice says Found Press Quarterly

We've happened upon a nifty Q&A with an innovative new kind of wholly digital literary magazine. The interview is on The Literary Type, the blog of The New Quarterly and it puts its questions to the publishers of Found Press Quarterly. FP published its first issue in Januaryand its business model is unusual; you can buy the whole issue content or the stories it contains individually.
What sets us apart is that we are not, in fact, on the shelf at all. We are a one-hundred percent digital publishing company, and our quarterly is available exclusively in eBook format available for purchase through Internet stores such as Kindle and Kobo. Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we make each story in our collection available for individual purchase. We like to think of ourselves as book version of iTunes. You can buy the whole album, or just your favourite song. 
The Found Press “slogan” is “stories everywhere,” and it works to describe what we do on two different levels. One interpretation is that there is an abundance of talented writers with stories to tell—that stories can be found anywhere, and that they are just waiting to be shared. Another way to think of it, though, is that with the Internet, and especially the rapid development of e-book technology, people can purchase our stories no matter where they are, and read them wherever they want. So while the Internet makes it easy for us to connect with fantastic authors, it is also making it easy for use to tell their stories. The production and distribution frustrations that many (perhaps most) new, independent publishers face no longer apply.
The magazine's editors are Jacqueline Lee Olynyk, a graduate of the Humber College Creative Book Publishing program who has worked as a freelance editor and currently resides in Boston, and Bryan Ibeas, also a Humber graduate who is the marketing coordinator for Cormorant Books, an independent Canadian literary publishers. They mostly use Skype to keep in touch.
The first issue is The Moment We Came Alive and features four authors from three countries -- Cynthia Flood, Danny Goodman, Kirsty Logan and Lana Storey and can be purchased for $3.75. Individual stories are 99 cents.

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