Tuesday, February 08, 2011

His stupid hair, his dumb book, his terrible movie, his awful music -- MAD lampoons teen idol Bieber

I guess it is inevitable that when you become a household name you are ripe for ridicule. Trust the venerable MAD magazine to take up the satirical cudgel in its April issue and let the Stratford 'tween heartthrob have it. The nebbishy Alfred E. Neumann grins from under the famous Bieberish haircut (though the singer has changed it recently).
"That was probably the highlight of his career and being on the cover of MAD is the lowlight," MAD Editor-in-Chief John Ficarra told The Associated Press [as reported in the Vancouver Sun]. "He'll hate it and buy every copy, and it will be a sellout. Or, conversely, Bieber won't even notice and we'll probably sell three copies of the issue."



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