Monday, February 07, 2011

Magazines Canada undertakes
broad, strategic review

After a couple of years of rapid expansion and dealing with recession-driven tactical needs of its members, Magazines Canada is lifting its eyes and focussing on mid- and long-range strategies for the organization.
The year-long review, approved by the board of directors at its January 31 meeting, is intended to engage the member magazines, staff, its more than 20 committees, funders and its directors in discussion about where the increasingly broad organization should be going.
Magazines Canada is now a very broad multi-constituency environment serving the needs of consumer, B2B and cultural magazine media in both official languages from coast to coast. Expectations for association services reflect this view. Demand for new service has increased exponentially. Member surveys indicate that the association has responded well and within limited resources, in particular by exploiting non-member fee investments that focus on digital transitions.
 The organization has expanded from being strictly for consumer magazines to encompassing a large number of business-to-business titles as well as striking alliances with and providing services to the National Magazine Awards Foundation and the Kenneth R. Wilson trade awards.
The intent is to implement major initiatives from the review in the 2012 calendar year.

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