Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ontario trumpets its creative industry strengths, including magazines

[This post has been updated]The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) has created a video to promote the diversity and prodigious output of Ontario's creative sector -- including magazines -- called "We've got it going ON". Among the facts included in the accompanying documentation is that Ontario is Canada's largest publishing centre, with almost half (48%) of all Canadian magazines published in Ontario , and the magazine industry in Ontario created an average of 9,389 direct and indirect jobs annually between 1997 and 2005.
[Update] The OMDC awareness campaign will be showcased in print ads in consumer, business and trade publications, and wide range of placements online. The 30-second ad will be seen during the Oscars on Feb. 27th and during the JUNOS on March 27th. The entire program is intended to reach Ontario consumers who use/consume creative media products and key influencers who can affect policy decisions; and  Businesses which might use the services of, partner with, or invest in, Ontario‚Äôs creative media companies.
OMDC thanked the Ontario indie band Metric for making their hit song Gimme Sympathy availablefor the video, the members of ACTRA, and the more than 100 Ontario companies that provided their content for use in the campaign.]

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