Thursday, February 03, 2011

The web is dead and tablets are the future in the "app Internet", says Forrester Research CEO

Aw, and I was just getting used to it.
A story carried by Folio: magazine from a conference in New York reports George F. Colony, the CEO of Forrester Research saying that the web is already eclipsed by the world of "the app Internet".
While Colony's response raised a few eyebrows, considering his audience was largely print-based media company executives and their financial sponsors, and considering that Forrester is one of the world's best-respected technology forecasting firms, it got even more provocative from there.
Not only are tablets the future, Colony said, but "We think the Web is dead." It may always be there, he said, but it's not the future. Nor are e-readers-devices like Amazon's Kindle. "There's one advantage to those things and that's that they can be read on the beach. That's not enough."



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