Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Writers' Union video pushes back against proposed copyright changes

The Writers' Union of Canada (TWUC) with the assistance of ACCESS Copyright (of which TWUC is a member) is distributing a video featuring five prominent Canadian writers talking about the perils of bill C-32, which is intended to amend the Copyright Act. Specifically, TWUC and others are alarmed that educational institutions, including colleges and universities, will be exempted from having to pay license fees for the copying of published works. A press release is also being widely distributed and TWUC says it is hoping to see the video go viral.
The video features five prominent authors [says an e-mail sent out to ACCESS Copyright board members], including two-time Governor General’s Award winner Nino Ricci, and builds awareness on how Bill C-32 and the education exceptions will hurt Canadian writers' ability to make a living.
“Without strong copyright protections, professional writing in this country will be irreparably harmed,” says novelist Alan Cumyn and author of the video. “Thousands of authors and artists across the country have been writing their MPs, protesting parts of this bill. This video puts faces and voices to our concerns.”
Also featuring in the video are Canadian writers Erna Paris, Sandra Campbell and Susan Swan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cory put it best, which is why on Youtube this comment is currently been voted highest for this video.

``I'm a full time Canadian novelist and I support the education exemption because it bears no relation to the description presented in this video.

The C-32 education exemption doesn't say "Schools can use all published material gratis." It says that educational use should be subject to the same 6-part fair-dealing test set out by the Supreme Court that other users (corporations, etc) are subject to.

I think that this video has distorted an important question for Canadian creators.``

Quoted from youtube user corydoctorow

3:50 pm  

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