Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long form comes to digital; Atavist offers pay per view articles up to 30,000 words

A new company called The Atavist is offering long journalistic stories on the Kindle and Nook and in an iPad app. The company doesn't yet offer a subscription model, but has hopes to do so soon, including allowing readers to buy a bundle of articles.
According to a story in Folio: the stories are being sold for US$1.99 each on e-readers like the Kindle and $2.99 in the app, which offers multi-media such as video. The application allows readers to switch between reading and listening to a story and keeps track of where the reader left off.
The Atavist was founded by Evan Ratliff, a contributing editor to Wired magazine and Jefferson Rabb, a programmer and web designer. The business was created mostly with Apple products in mind, but it is going to make the articles available in an Android-friendly format in coming months.  

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