Thursday, March 24, 2011

R. R. Donnelly buys JournalismOnline and its Press+ metered paid content model

U.S. printing giant R. R. Donnelly has made a strategic move by buying JournalismOnline's content project and, with it, the Press+ technology that allows publishers to create flexible pay models for digital content, according to a story in minonline. Stephen Brill, who had founded American Lawyer and Court TV and later Brill's Content before founding JournalismOnline, has been a champion of metered paid access as a revenue stream for newsapepr and magazine partners; it claims 1,600 affiliates for the platform. Brill's partner in the venture had been former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz, who said in a statement:
“The scalable Press+ model enables publishers to quickly test and implement a variety of content distribution strategies. Our experience demonstrates that publishers using Press+ for metered access to web sites and other digital products retain their online ad revenue and readership while adding a valuable revenue stream from online subscriptions.”
R. R. Donnelley's CEO and president Thomas J. Quinlan III said 
“Press+ enhances our offering and opens new avenues for publishers to generate incremental subscription and advertising revenue.”

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