Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tablets change the way people read and perceive magazines, research shows

According to research conducted by Bonnier Publishing anad CP+B Group, an advertising agency, it is no longer just rival publications that will lure away a magazine's readers but publishers must now consider that they are competing for attention with apps and tablet features. This, from a story on Audience Development.
It also found that on a tablet, readers sometimes can't distinguish between ads and editorial content.
“In a tablet environment, each page stands alone and there's less context to help the reader orient herself. This presents an important design challenge for publishers: there should be clear visual distinctions between ads and edit, and both need to add value to the user experience,” the study said.
Bonnier's vice-president for publishing, Gregg Hano, said:
“We intend to work hard to make sure that it’s clear which content is our ad or edit, but we think it’s absolutely tremendous that people are equally interested in looking at both,” he said. Hano said that another study Bonnier has reviewed found that individuals that pick up special interest magazines read them not only for the editorial content but to view the advertisements as well.

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