Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Webisodes feature Today's Parent deputy editor and daughter exploring differing concepts of beauty in Africa

Jackie Kovacs, the deputy editor of Today's Parent magazine, and her 15-year-old daughter Hayley, are featured in a series of 10 webisodes produced in collaboration with charity World Vision Canada called "Am I Beautiful?". It's an examination of the themes of beauty and beauty practices half a world away as mother and daughter visit Uganda. 
This series is meant to build bridges between women, girls, daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters and friends around the globe. It examines the theme of beauty, but more importantly, it highlights the strength of women and the struggles some face in developing communities.
 Kovacs says "I just really wanted her to experience this other culture, this other way of life." It's not entirely a new experience for Kovacs who, with her husband Patrick Walsh (the editor of Outdoor Canada magazine) spent four years in Tanzania in their early '20s. Walsh makes a cameo in the first episode explaining
"Anyone who's been to Africa knows it gets into your soul and into your bones and you really have to go back." 
Following episodes (each are about 3 1/2 minutes) deal with such subjects as scarring practices, the challenges of young marriage, poverty, education for young women and differing views about weight. 
The production was conceived and developed by World Vision Canada, produced by Nida Marji and directed by Simonee Chichester.
All 10 webisodes are available on the World Vision Canada website.

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