Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Men's Fashion spring edition
apparently here to stay

The spring edition of Men's Fashion magazine, a spinoff from St. Joe's Fashion, will be sliding out of copies of the Globe and Mail (April 8) and the Montreal Gazette and Vancouver Sun (April 9), with a total circulation of 150,000. As last time, 11,000 copies will be polybagged with the May issue of Fashion on all Shopper's Drug Mart newsstands across Canada. The men's book was launched in the fall, two years ago and put out its first spring issue last year. Men represent about a fifth of Fashion magazine's readership.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now all I need is $4,500 (for ONE outfit) to dress like a model from Men's Fashion. Talk about content being out of touch with its readers.

6:47 pm  

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