Monday, April 04, 2011

Saltscapes magazine is opening a
downhome family restaurant

Some 5 years after first floating the idea, Saltscapes magazine of Halifax is opening a branded restaurant with down home cooking. The shakedown cruise, so to speak, of the Saltscapes Restaurant and General Store is on now in the large space at the Truro Power Centre.
The restaurant features a grand fieldstone fireplace in the main dining room and, according to the magazine's co-publisher and co-owner of the restaurant, Jim Gourlay, the restaurant will be new, but it won't feel "shiny." He says the ambiance will be "comfortable, inviting and old-fashioned." Reportedly, the menu is "huge".
Customers will have a hand in shaping that menu for the first year.
"Patrons will be asked what they'd like to see on the menu," he says. "That's in keeping with the general Saltscapes business philosophy: ask people what they want, then give it to them at a higher quality than they expect."

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