Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chase down the story in a literary publishing board game called Soho!

Now we know what the editors of the UK literary magazine Smoke have been doing on their recent sabbatical -- they were inventing a board game called Soho!. It should appeal to magazine people on a whole bunch of levels, not least of which being its hilariously complex rules.
Each of 2-6 players in the game is the editor of a small literary magazine, chasing the copy from a bunch of recalcitrant freelance writers through the half dozen pubs in Soho and careening around its one-way street grid on foot, on a bike or in a taxi.There are various obstacles (getting waylaid in a pub could be one).
The noble editors’ thankless task is to contact all six writers and extricate their beer/sauvignon-stained prose from whichever unwholesome pocket or handbag it’s been stuffed in. The first to do so scores a small moral victory or, to borrow a phrase from Monopoly, wins.
The game is apparently available by mail order for £16.95  

[Thanks to a tweet from John Fox @bookfox.]


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