Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Alberta Venture magazine adds Preston Manning as a columnist

Alberta Venture magazine has retained Preston Manning, the former leader of the Reform Party of Canada,  as a columnist. His column, called The Green Dividend; the first argues that the best way to deal with environmental degradation is through market mechanisms combined with the core principles of conservatism.
The column will appear in alternate months with another new column by Brett Wilson called Return on Investment, focussing on the business case for philanthropy. Wilson is chairman of Prairie Merchant Corporation; a private merchant bank focused on business opportunities in the energy, agriculture, real estate, sports, and entertainment industries.
"We are tremendously excited to be able to bring the unique and powerful voices of these eminent Albertans to our readers," says Alberta Venture's editor, Mike Ganley. "We know readers will be as keen as we are to hear their thoughts on the issues that matter."

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