Thursday, June 23, 2011

Annual subs to new Sportsnet magazine from Rogers may sell for $1.50 an issue

We are learning a bit more about Rogers Publishing's new Sportsnet magazine, to be launched in the fall. For one thing, the price point. 
An online survey being conducted now suggests that a single copy price may be $4.95, a one-year, 26-issue subscription could be $39 (about $1.50 per issue) and a monthly subscription available to Rogers Advantage customers could be discounted 10% to $3 a month ($36 annually) when paid with the cable or wireless bill. 
The survey seems to be designed to sound out how many customers might opt for a pre-publication subscription and how many are going to take a wait-and-see attitude.
The new magazine is one of the biggest launches of recent years,with a proposed biweekly circulation of 100,000, taking advantage of synergies with Rogers's prominent network of television, radio and sports franchises (Toronto Blue Jays)

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