Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Canadian Poker Player magazine owner consolidating poker operations

The publishers of Canadian Poker Player Magazine and the operators of the Canadian Poker Tour and Canadian Poker Player Television Network are spinning off and consolidating all poker operations and all affiliated licensing and sponsorship agreements in a new, separate division. 
Kelly B. Kellner, President and CEO of HeadsUp Entertainment International, Inc., said in a release
"As the result of recent expansion, new market opportunities and potential interest from acquirers we have decided it would be in the best interests of the company and its shareholders to consolidate all poker operations into one unit," said Kellner. "We have begun to actively recruit a president for that division who not only understands the industry but shares the passion we all embrace at HeadsUp. We anticipate announcing the successful candidate for this position in the next 2 weeks." 
The reference to "potential interest from acquirers" suggests that the poker operations, magazine and television properties are being buffed up and packaged for possible sale. In January, the company announced that it had launched an online version of the magazine to supplement its print distribution, including being the exclusive magazine in nine of the major poker rooms and casinos in Canada.



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