Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canopy launches Ancient Forest Friendly awards for publishers and printers

A new award for integrity when it comes to environmental standards in the buying and use of paper has been launched by Canopy, the campaigners for supporting protection of the world's remaining ancient forests and the increasing use of eco-papers. 
Canopy says it hopes to see the Ancient Forest Friendly awards become the highest for protection of climate, biodiversity, and ancient forests.
Publishers who can demonstrate their paper comes from responsibly harvested and post-consumer sources are eligible for  Ancient Forest Friendly™ Gold, Ancient Forest Friendly™ Silver, “Most Improved” and “Conservation Supporter" awards.  Application for the award requires filling out a survey, asking for basic company information, about initiatives to reduce paper use, environmental specs for your printing paper, where fibre for your paper comes from and so on.



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