Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christine Dewairy leaves Maclean's to art direct Toronto Life

[This post has been updated) Christine Dewairy, who has been the triplequadruple-barrelled art director of Maclean's, Canadian Business ,Profit and Money Sense magazines at Rogers Publishing,  is moving to St. Joseph Media to become art director of Toronto Life. She replaces Jessica Rose, who resigned recently and is in the process of moving to England.
Dewairy started her career a decade ago at Saturday Night magazine and then spent five years at the Saturday (Weekend) Post and Saturday Post Fashion before joining Maclean's as art director in 2005 and oversaw a complete redesign. In 2009 -- consistent with Rogers Publishing's penchant for senior managers overseeing multiple titles -- she was made responsible for the art direction of Canadian Business and Profit; later, also Money Sense

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Anonymous correction said...

Quadruple-barrelled. Christine Dewairy also art directed MoneySense magazine in addition to the other three.

3:08 pm  

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