Thursday, June 02, 2011

Globe's magazine Report on Small Business revamped, resized and rewired

The Globe and Mail's magazine Report on Small Business, a quarterly, standard-sized magazine,has been resized and relaunched as tabloid, augmented by a beefed up online presence. According to a release, the improved printing capacity of the Globe, beginning last fall, allows it to print the publication itself as a separate newspaper section while "offering advertisers a bigger, bolder canvas on which to showcase their brands".
The new website has updated news, analysis and advice pitched at small business interests. In addition to being given selected distribution through the Globe in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, the magazine is also distributed by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to over 70,000 English-speaking members. This makes it one of the largest circulation business publications in Canada, says the Globe
'"Small business now accounts for nearly 98 per cent of all enterprise in Canada, and The Globe and Mail is building on our deep commitment to serving this vital audience, and the advertisers that want to reach them," said Andrew Saunders, Vice President of Advertising Sales. "A product like this would not have been possible without the investments we have made in quality journalism, and print and online excellence, and the winners are our readers and advertisers."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And with this "revamp, resizing and rewiring," what us plain folk call a redesign, the Globe had redesigned its small business thingy for what, the ninth time in five years? That's what I call changing with the times -- or grasping for something that will finally stick.

6:34 pm  

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