Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Magazines Canada doesn't speak for us on postal back-to-work bill: indy publishers

A group of independent magazine publishers are unhappy with Magazines Canada speaking for them on the matter of back-to-work legislation for postal workers. As an extension of a week of lobbying with the federal government, this week Magazines Canada president Mark Jamison wrote a letter to labour minister Lisa Raitt commending the government for its intent of legislating an end to the dispute at Canada Post (lockout by management following rotating strikes by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.). 
Apparently the sentiments expressed stuck in the craw of four independent publishers who are members of Magazines Canada:  The Dominion (an editorial collective), Briarpatch magazine, Canadian Dimension and Our Times. All could reasonably be described as being progressive or left-of-centre publications. Their statement said, in part
As editors and publishers in an industry that critically depends on reliable and efficient postal service to fulfill our obligations to readers, we share Magazines Canada’s concern for the impacts of the lockout on the magazine industry as a whole. However, we categorically oppose the introduction of back-to-work legislation, which denies 48,000 postal workers their fundamental right to collectively negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment. This action is an unnecessary and unjust intervention by the Harper government in support of Canada Post management, and a direct attack on postal workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively.

As members of Magazines Canada, we would like to affirm our appreciation for the indispensable service that postal workers provide to magazine readers, writers and creators alike, and express our support for the struggle of postal workers to defend their right to safe, healthy and fair working conditions. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope those who oppose getting the post office back up and running will stand by their principles and withhold their magazines from a system powered by "forced labour" Gimme a break

3:07 pm  

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