Friday, June 03, 2011

Magazines West seminars: ads; social media; printers; brands; and grilled editors

The 9th annual Magazines West conference is on June 17th and is the lead-up to the Western Magazine Awards that evening. Here's the lineup of the day of seminars:
  • Ad Sales: How to Hook a Media Buyer Meet a panel of top-tier media buyers and account executives and hear the secrets to capturing their interest—and their business. Panel: Andrew Grant (Cossette Media), Tim Hughes (Mindshare Canada), Gemma Turner (Media Experts) Moderator: Rebecca Legge (Canada Wide Media)
  • Social Media Case Studies: Who’s Doing It Right What the industry’s brand experts are doing with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare, and learn how to adapt their ideas to your own magazinePresenter: Kat Tancock, senior web editor, Reader’s Digest
  • The Money Press: How Your Printer Can Help You Realize the Value of Print Our panel of experts will share how their new tools and services can help you expand your audience, create new advertising and editorial products, and repurpose data for new streams of revenue. Panel: Dan Castilloux (Mitchell Press), Diana Courtepatte (Trancontinental), Ken Schneider (Teldon Print Media), Byron Sheardown (International Web exPress).  Moderator: Victor Chew Wong (Make It Business)
  • The Brand Advantage: Crossing the Print-Digital Divide The secret to successfully navigating the transition from print to print, digital, broadcast and mobile begins with defining your product as a brand. Explore the potential upsides (and downsides) of the brand advantage for our industry. Presenter: Shelley Youngblut, editor-in-chief, Swerve
  • Grilled Editors Luncheon  Popular event with a new panel of top magazine editors willing to be put to the grill. Join our team of editorial experts for a tasty lunch, and bring your best questions.  Panel: Käthe Lemon (Avenue Calgary), Neal McLennan (Western Living); Anne Rose, (Westworld); Kat Tancock (Reader’s Digest), Shelley Youngblut (Swerve). Moderator: John Burns (Vancouver magazine)
The seminars are followed by a gala reception and 29th Annual Western Magazine Awards starting at 6:00 p.m. 

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