Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rogers Media to launch 100,000 circ biweekly Sportsnet magazine in the fall

Rogers Media will be launching a national, b-weekly sports magazine called Sportsnet, keying off its prominent radio and televison broadcasting brand.The bi-weekly is expected to start publishing in the fall.
"Sportsnet magazine will be Canada's leading source for in-depth perspective and inside reports on hockey, baseball, football, soccer and MMA to name just a few," said Ken Whyte, Executive Vice-President, Consumer Publishing, Rogers Publishing Limited.  "There's a unique audience experience that only magazines can provide and when you combine that experience with the unmatched reach and power of Sportsnet's broadcast and digital platforms, you get a winner for both the fans and the advertisers."
Sportsnet magazine will be published 26 times a year and will launch with a circulation of 100,000 copies. The publishing team has yet to be announced. It is interesting to note that the transition to multi-platform models often includes the strengths of print.

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