Wednesday, July 06, 2011

British Vogue study says glossy readers mix print and digital in "heightened engagement"

Research recently released by Condé Nast in Britain says that readers of glossy magazines aimed at women are increasingly mixing their consumption of printed and digital titles, but using each for different purposes. Media Week reports that the study, commissioned by flagship Vogue, found that glossy readers are using both print and online titles distinctly.
The study said the number of women using magazine websites had risen 40% in the past two years and the number of readers of high-end glossies had risen 43%.
However, readers saw print and digital versions as distinct entities offering different experiences, as 82% of the total sample believed websites would not entirely replace print.
Just 6% of respondents now only read the printed version of a magazine, while 75% of print readers said they also accessed their brands on other platforms.
Digital platforms have become an accepted way to access magazine brands, with 39% of glossy readers accessing digital magazine versions regularly, and 22% now accessing content via apps, the Vogue study suggested.
The study found that 77% of glossy magazine readers now use magazine websites at least once a month, with more than 29% using these sites at least once a week.
The so-called "hardcore" everday or "fashion first"  readership of websites is only about 7%; but 17% read print magazines online via apps and digital editions. 
Stephen Quinn, publishing director of Vogue, said: "Where once it were imagined that digital might kill print, it has instead heightened the level of engagement the reader has with her magazine of choice."
Condé's digital division generated revenue of £6.18m last year – up from £4.97m in the previous 12 months, the story reported. In the same period, the main print publishing business also recorded an impressive bounce back from the recession, with pre-tax profits almost tripling year on year to £15.14m.

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