Thursday, August 11, 2011

More time at the office the price of premium salaries for U.S. editorial managers

One of the most unsurprising things in the just-released online 2011 editorial salary survey from Folio: shows that  those magazine managers at U.S. consumer and b2b titles who work more than 50 hours a week get paid the most. For the most senior (editorial directors/editors-in-chief)...
Those who clocked out with an average work week of 40 hours earned $69,900; editors spending 41-49 hours per week in the office were paid $83,900; and respondents who put in 50 hours or more at the office earned $98,200.
For managing or senior editors, those who work 40 hours earned an average $52,200 while those who worked 50 hours plus earned $76,700, a 47% premium. 
The salary gap between senior men and senior women widened at all levels. At the most senior, the average female executive got $77,600, the average male $99,300, a spread of 30%.
The survey was based on a sample of 2,000 subscribers and conference attendees and had a 24% response rate (479 usable responses).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The least surprising thing to me in the results of this survey is the gap up to 30% between male and female salaries. I would agree that such jobs as engineering or production can really expect fast and qualified service from male workers, versus female ones who are usually good doers, but lack engineering thought. With publishing industry it looks more like a discrimination.

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